Structured as investment fund trusts, these Pools will be our premium, and most recommended, investment alternative for families and corporations. This is where investors will find our broadest selection of additional asset classes including commercial real estate, infrastructure, commercial and conservative residential mortgages, absolute return investments and hand-picked public equity and fixed income securities.

With BNY Trust Company of Canada (a division of The Bank of New York Mellon, the world’s largest trustee of financial assets, totaling over $20 Trillion US) as our Trustee and KPMG as our Pool auditors these lower-cost Pools will offer safety, transparency and weekly liquidity.

Fee Options – for Alitis Pools

The Alitis Pools are offered with either an embedded fee (Class E) or a direct-billed fee (Class D). The embedded fee option is typically used for registered plans where fees are not tax-deductible, while the direct-billed option is often best for clients who want the tax-deductibility of the fee in their personal Cash Accounts or corporate Cash Accounts.