Oct 24, 2014

September 2014 brought a sharp change in market direction. After two years of strong upward momentum, Aug 29th through Oct 15th was a different story. There was an 11.24% drop in the TSX and a 7.03% drop in the S&P500 over that time period. At the moment, the panic seems to be over and we’ve…Read more

Oct 10, 2014

All business owners face two important issues: 1. Who is going to take over the business when I retire? 2. How can I maximize and protect my business’ value when I leave? To help answer these questions, Alitis Insurance Services Inc. is hosting an educational “Lunch n’ Learn” for business owners,…Read more

Oct 1, 2014

As the Exempt Market sector becomes increasingly competitive, participants should take a lesson from the rest of the financial services industry: continuing professional development produces the knowledge and skills to provide value, and differentiates us in increasing competitive environments. "A…Read more

Sep 26, 2014

There is a new bug called Shellshock that is being compared to the Heartbleed bug, which affected hundreds of thousands of computers this past April. Shellshock affects a piece of software called Bash, short for Bourne-Again Shell, which is part of the Unix operating system. We would once again…Read more

Sep 19, 2014

Risk management is the starting point for Alitis’ investment style, and it permeates all the steps we go though in our processes — from using more asset classes to only using pooled products (e.g. ETFs, funds, MICs) as our investment choices. With our style, it is very unlikely that will see the…Read more

Sep 2, 2014

Knowledge Bureau Rod Burlyo will be presenting “ Why the Sweet Spot in Ethical Standards Needs Rethinking. ”Read more

Sep 2, 2014

Institute of Advanced Financial Planners Cecil Baldry-White will be presenting “ Shifting Gears- Positioning Your Clients’ Portfolio For The Next Five Years. ”Read more

Sep 2, 2014

Pro-Seminars 15th Annual National Advisor Conference Las Vegas, Nevada, USA September 8-10, 2014 Rod Burylo will be presenting “ Are You Ready For The Next Correction? ”Read more

Jul 24, 2014

This is a good article from The Globe and Mail indicating why mortgage investment corporations may be a good investment for you at this time: We have certainly…Read more

Mar 15, 2014

Planning for long term can be challenging as it is often difficult to discuss the potential loss of your independence or that of a loved one. It is also overwhelming given the breadth of information available online and the number of decisions to make. The possibility of needing long term care and…Read more